Howdy dude named ben!

Welcome to the NAlocal512 gitlab.

Dudes named ben and dudettes named bernadette should join our gitlab team.

This is where we will collaborate on our web site and other web adventures.

Go to our repo page to find a listing of the top repos where most of our work will be done.

Our websites are built in Gatsby a web framework built to make blazing fast static websites from a template framework that allows you to use react components.

The fantastic CI/CD available here at Gitlab reads the .gitlab-ci.yml performs a build and test of our site.

And then publishes the rendered static site to the CDN, which is proxied by Cloudflare, to give front-end sites that are wicked fast.

Then any dynamic pieces that require a database backend or other server side processing, like the shop, mailing list and domain management are conducted by the

If you would like to learn to become a dude named ben who helps with our web sites try starting on this page to find a listing of the top resources we think might help you get started.

Please feel free to fork our repos for your own projects, and if you feel something could be better we appreciate pull requests.

Now go build something great.